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"The political satire we need...not only funny, but eerily relevant."

FAIRVIEW Laurels.png

Sam Clark is running for City Council in a purple district in Fairview, Colorado. And he’s running in a new, bold, and very American way—with no platform of his own. His platform is a platform of pure democracy: it’s all direct quotes, from real, everyday Fairviewians.

FAIRVIEW screened at 32 film festivals and won 19 awards, including 10 for Best Comedy or Best Short Film and 5 for Best Actor (Sam playing a worse version of himself). It was reviewed by Film Daily Magazine as "the political satire we need." FAIRVIEW is a semi-scripted mockumentary about a small-town City Council election in a purple district in Colorado, very loosely inspired by Sam's experience running for President of Harvard’s Student Council as a joke, accidentally winning by a lot, and then resigning. Much like Sam’s earliest viral videos (fake tours of Yale with real tourists, etc.), FAIRVIEW was filmed with real focus groups of real voters, who helped platformless candidate Sam write a slogan that could please everyone--think a political NATHAN FOR YOU meets a small-town VEEP. Sam is currently developing FAIRVIEW into a TV series.

Watch the trailer below, and contact Sam for a link to the full film! Learn more at the very real campaign website

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