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Sam Clark is a comedian, writer, actor & filmmaker from Denver, Colorado. He has a stand-up comedy special on Amazon Prime’s LAUGH AFTER DARK, he’s written for Netflix’s MAGIC FOR HUMANS and the CBS Diversity Showcase, and in 2021 he sold his first original TV show TIMECOPS to the SyFy Channel. He has starred in, directed and produced viral videos with over 50 million YouTube views, featured in TIME, USA Today, Forbes, Business Insider, HuffPo, Buzzfeed and more.


Sam's debut half hour stand-up comedy special, SAM CLARK: BUILT FOR MATH, is coming soon. As a comedian, Sam has been featured in the Laugh Factory's "Fresh Faces," the San Francisco Comedy Competition, the Cleveland Comedy Festival, the Devil Cup, the New South Comedy Festival, the LA Comedy Festival and more. He’s the co-creator of the hit bicoastal comedy show HOT SETS (6 comedians perform; 1 has to eat a habanero pepper first), and during the quarantined months of the pandemic, he produced and hosted live-streamed fundraiser variety shows featured in Rolling Stone, CNN, and Forbes, raising over $140,000 for the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, Feeding America, and the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition.


Sam’s first short film FAIRVIEW premiered in 2021, was shown at 32 film festivals and won 18 awards, and was reviewed by Film Daily Magazine as "the political satire we need." FAIRVIEW started as a semi-scripted mockumentary pilot about a small-town City Council election in a purple district in Colorado, loosely inspired by Sam's experience running for President of Harvard's Student Council as a joke, accidentally winning by a lot, and then resigning. Much like Sam's earliest viral videos (fake tours of Yale with real tourists, etc.), FAIRVIEW was filmed with real focus groups of real voters, who helped platformless candidate Sam write a slogan that could please everyone--think a political NATHAN FOR YOU meets a small-town VEEP. Among FAIRVIEW's 18 Film Festival Awards were 6 for Best Comedy and 4 for Best Actor (Sam playing a worse version of himself). You can learn more at the very real campaign website, and stay tuned as Sam adapts FAIRVIEW into a full series!


Outside of the comedy world, Sam is somehow the Lead Video Producer for the YouTube Channel Crimson Education, which he built from the ground up to over 220,000 subscribers. He was featured as a "Filmmaker Making a Social Impact" by Authority Magazine for his work at Crimson, where he has overseen production of over 500 educational videos filmed at college campuses all over the world.

Sam occasionally does drag and teaches children Taekwondo (not at the same time (yet)).

Sam is repped in entertainment legal matters by Grace Kallis and Josh Krauss at Ginsburg Daniels Kallis LLP. He recently moved to New York, and would love to do your show if you have one.



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